Armadillo Self Storage - Security Statement

With over 10 years of experience in the self storage industry, Armadillo Self Storage ensures that our stores are protected with a series of preventative security precautions and procedures. The security of our stores and our customers' possessions are our upmost priority.

Armadillo has worked closely with our security partners, the Self Storage Association (SSA) UK, and with the Police, Fire Brigade and other statutory authorities, to ensure all our stores comply with (and often exceed) any regulations and that our systems are up to date and fit for purpose. Armadillo continues to make significant investments in our stores and security systems to ensure we have the best security service for our customers. Armadillo and the SSA UK both take issues of safety and security very seriously.

Summary of Armadillo's Security Standards:

Our stores have perimeter fencing and access gates that are locked after our trading hours. CCTV cameras monitor all our stores access points and emergency exits 24 hours a day, and monitor areas around the outside of our stores. Access to the storage areas during trading hours can only be granted to each customer by them using their own PIN code on the entrance gate.

Our staff are on site seven days a week and are trained to monitor and react to any irregular or suspicious activity in or around the store. Out of hours, every store is closely recorded through CCTV and by an intruder alarm system that is monitored. The monitor centre has access to our mobile security company and to our staff to react to any alarm activations. Ultimately they can call the Police or Fire Brigade as well.

All new customers are photographed and need to provide relevant identification before they can start storing with us. No cash payment is accepted at the point of move in. Every storage room has its own lock and we do not allow customers to provide their own locks which are not up to the robust security standards required by Armadillo.

Armadillo does not offer access to its stores after trading hours (except to isolated parts of our Canterbury, Sheffield Parkway, Stoke, and West Molesey stores). However, in some of our stores it does offer access after trading hours to containers and lock-up garages, which are outside our storage centres but are located inside our fenced parking compounds.

Access to our stores is limited to our reception trading hours 7 days a week (the only exception being West Molesey which is currently closed on Sundays) for the majority of our customers.

Armadillo's security services can be summarised as the following:

Security by Armadillo Design

  • Perimeter fencing
  • CCTV monitored in store
  • PIN controlled entry system on storage gate
  • Monitoring of store access timing and history via PIN control system
  • No gap above walls on all floors - mesh to provide security on upper floors
  • Customer lock on every occupied room
  • Armadillo lock on every vacant room
  • Stores designed to maximise customer service and security

Security by Armadillo Service

  • Staff on site 7 days a week
  • Staff trained to maintain and monitor all security services
  • Intruder alarm system on all doors & reception area
  • Fire & smoke alarm system throughout store
  • All Intruder Alarms are monitored after trading hours
  • Random sniffer dog patrols at our stores

Security by Armadillo Standard

  • Staff walk-around before reception opens
  • Daily store patrols by staff
  • Staff walk-around before reception closes
  • Licence terms & conditions
  • Requirement for customer ID
  • Customer photograph
  • No cash taken at move in
  • Posters & store POS prioritising security
  • Guide to Self Storage