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Fancy Footwork

Case Study: Fancy Footwork - archive storage
Case Study: Fancy Footwork - commercial unit

Over the last 12 years, Lucy Clay's Fancy Footwork dance school has cemented its reputation as a leading institution in the capital for ballet, tap and musical theatre. The school caters for adults and children alike, holding classes in 10 locations across South West London.

Before exploring commercial storage options, Lucy kept her business supplies and stock in her loft at home. As a school that puts on stage productions, Fancy Footwork requires an extensive reserve of costumes, props and set designs – many of which are only used for a short period of time while a production runs. When they are not required, they need a long-term home which, according to Lucy, can be two or three years at a time. As well as the large space needed for theatrical materials, Lucy also needed an organised and secure option for her confidential business documents.

Lucy's loft was a quick-fix option, but quickly, her space at home was becoming cluttered and moving things up and down ladders was proving to be hazardous. She needed her supplies to be easier, and safer, to access.

A customer recommended Big Yellow Self Storage, so Lucy looked into it, decided it was suitable and moved all of Fancy Footwork's production assets into a commercial unit at the Balham branch.

"My stock is now kept in a tidy, secure and easily accessible place," comments Lucy. "There is no longer any danger involved in moving my stock in and out of storage, which is a great relief. The cloth backdrops were especially difficult items to store, as they were extremely heavy and worth thousands of pounds!"

Lucy notes that one of the most beneficial aspects of her relationship with Big Yellow Self Storage is how flexible it is, as it can be hard to predict when she’ll next need a specific set of costumes or stage props.

"As well as the big and bulky items, I also have the luxury of some extra space to organise and store my business files too. Big Yellow Self Storage has really proved to be an all-round star performer."

Lucy Clay - Fancy Footwork

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