Get some space in your business.

The benefits of using a Virtual PA

As a small businesses you need support. You are busy, you care about your company image, you know that phone calls represent new business but you can’t afford the constant interruptions. What you need is someone reliable to answer your calls professionally and to do it as well as you would do it yourself. But you don’t need the cost and hassle of employing additional staff.

New customers often choose the phone to make an enquiry. They’ve made a decision to pick up the phone and are ready to buy. It just doesn’t make sense to miss calls and hope that they call back or that you can call them back before they have spoken to your competitors.

A virtual PA enables you to relax in the knowledge that your calls are being handled professionally, ensuring that you never miss important sales calls while filtering out unwanted cold calls. Leaving you to focus on your business undisturbed.

Big Yellow offers a virtual PA service. To find out more click here.