Things to bring with you

  • Photo ID - Passport or driving licence.
  • Emergency contact details - Name, telephone number and an e-mail or postal address for a contact not living at your address.
  • Completed inventory of items being stored - You’ll need to show this inventory when you move in (unless you’ve checked in online and completed the inventory in advance).

Arrival time

Please arrive any time from store opening until at least 1 hour before closing.

Payment details

  • Security deposit - Our terms of storage require a security deposit. This is usually the equivalent of one weeks’ storage fees and is refundable (along with any unused rent) after giving 7 days notice when you move out.
  • Initial payment - In addition to the security deposit, the storage fees for your chosen storage period are required in advance. Any unused rent will be refunded when you move out. All we ask is 7 days written notice.
  • We cannot accept cash or cheques as a form of payment.
  • On-going payments - Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit, which will be every 4 weeks and in advance.
  • Paying by Direct Debit - If you have not completed your Direct Debit details via check-in online, you’ll need to provide a recent bank statement or valid cheque book upon your arrival to the store so we can set up your Direct Debit.


You will also need a padlock to secure your room. These are available for purchase in our store.