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August 2009

Tips and Tricks: If you are using a moving Company

…find out what size truck they will be using. This will allow you to work out whether you’ll be able to drive right up to your self storage unit or not. Most moving companies charge more the farther they have to carry your things, so don’t skip this step as it could cost you money. Schedule your mover 30-45 days in advance as well, as they tend to be extremely busy all year round.

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Did You Know: More about bicycles

…that the Dutch not only lead the field in encouraging people to be green and use the humble bicycle, but also push the boundaries in finding creative ways to store them? One of the most common excuses used against hopping on a bike rather than into a car is that very few cities provide ample, secure parking for such a vehicle, let alone such a facility that’s also well designed. In the Dutch city of Groningen this problem has been well and truly solved with the introduction of the Stadsbalkon. This is a space immediately outside Groningen Railway Station that forms a concrete balcony for pedestrian access only, below which sits a 4000 capacity bicycle parking facility. It’s a great idea, and has been beautifully executed. Why not build a personal bicycle haven in your own self-storage unit and make […]

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