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February 2011

  • 2nd February 2011
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Big Yellow Space Savers Winners Roundup

Big Yellow Space Savers Winners Roundup

Over the last few months we’ve been running our online ‘Space Savers’ game on our Facebook page which gave people the chance to win great prizes with the help of their friends. The final round ended on 31st January 2011 after a total of 131,612 items had been stored in virtual self storage rooms. The aim of the game was to catch falling items from a moving van before they hit the ground. Once they had all been caught successfully players could then store and customise an item to go in their room. Each player could add one item per day which gave them a point on the leader board but the more friends they invited to play along and store items, the more points they scored. The winners were Kelly Bourton, Emma Jacklin, Betty Blundell, Lea Grieveson, Cheryl Gauden […]

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