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January 2015

Renovate to add value to your home

A spruce of your home here and there can go a long way in terms of adding value, or if you just fancy a change. We’ve come up with a selection of helpful tips to make renovating your home as pain free as booking your storage with Big Yellow… The power of planning Leave sufficient time for planning and building, setting a realistic budget. There’s a lot to consider – workmen’s time, painting, decorations, and don’t forget a place to store your belongings while the work is going on. Big Yellow can help you with storage without blowing your budget – you can store from as little as seven days, and with prices starting at £2.85 a week, you can’t go wrong. Peace of mind Sometimes you could do with a little help for the larger jobs, so outsourcing support […]

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Cohabiting couples ditch prized possessions in favour of a quiet life

Half of British cohabiting couples admit to regularly fighting over clutter in their home, bickering 32 times a year on average, our latest research reveals. Londoners are the most likely in the UK to argue about space, with one in 10 arguing at least once a week. These arguments lead to the typical couple throwing away £241.50 worth of possessions they would rather keep, with clothes (42%), furniture (36%) and books (33%) most likely to face the chop. Meanwhile, some go to extreme lengths to get rid of their partner’s clutter with one in eight (12%) admitting they’ve ‘accidentally’ broken one of their other half’s prized possessions so they can bin it. This rises to one in four (25%) for sneaky couples in Newcastle. In one in 10 cases, a lack of space has instigated a move into separate properties […]

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