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January 2016

Symbols around the DIY store explained

Symbols around the DIY store explained

We’ve all been in the position when you’re wandering around a DIY store, and you see various signs and symbols, and you’re expected to know what they mean. However, to the everyday DIY-er, these symbols might not be instantly obvious, and it’s always helpful to know how the products may harm you and what precautions you should take. Can you guess which symbols match the explanations below? Tweet us @bigyellowss to let us know how many you got right (refer to answers at the bottom of the post) Oxidising A chemical labelled ‘oxidising’ doesn’t burn itself, however they provide oxygen for flammable substances to burn. Alongside the usual precaution of wearing eye protection, you should take extra care to keep it away from flammable substances, which includes clothing. Harmful to the environment These chemicals may have an immediate or delayed […]

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