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Business blog: Smarter storage for your stock

Do you run your own business from home? Do you find that you have stock here, there and everywhere? If yes, then we may have the answer for you. As your company grows, it’s inevitable that your amount of merchandise will also grow. However, your home may not, meaning you’ll become swamped in stock with no storage left for anything else.

There comes a time when you have to think about where to store everything, and start looking around for the best storage deals. Traditional warehouses may expect long leases with no scope for ending early, downsizing or even upsizing. They also increase your overheads, with additional charges such as utility costs, and may charge higher business rates as well as an initial deposit.
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The savvier solution is to use self storage. At Big Yellow, one of the biggest benefits of our business storage is flexibility. If you’re a small company, you can hire a storage room for the exact requirements you need, and you can upsize or downsize according to your demand with no penalty. This also applies to seasonal companies, who fluctuate in amount of stock and sales. If you run out of stock completely, then you can shut down your storage with just seven days’ notice.
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It’s not just the flexibility of the storage that will help lighten the load of running your business; we will happily accept deliveries on your behalf and get in touch when they’ve arrived.

Whether it’s storing your stock, having somewhere to file your ever-growing mountain of paperwork, or if your business is going through a refurb and you need us to look after your furniture, we’re here to help. With secure buildings and free parking at every location, we’re sure we can offer you the smartest storage solution for your business.

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