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Did You Know: Loft Conversion

that a New-York based couple spent almost $1 million dollars renovating a 1,500-square-foot loft because she had a ‘Zen aesthetic’ and wanted everything stored away, whereas he had a fear of empty space?

The couple hired a collaborative of designers to attempt to come up with a solution that would allow her books and his thousands of musical belongings, which includes 200 instruments, to be out of sight.
Thanks to 80 linear feet of cabinetry that now houses their collections (leaving the loft clutter-free), they have their own individual territories. One half of their house reflects a compromise of sorts: the music room can be enlarged or compressed as needed because the rear wall of the room is hung on a track system and can roll farther back in the bedroom to open up the loft for a party of 100, or create an area for musical performances.

You don’t always need to spend a fortune creating the perfect storage solution, as you could just use our units that are all set up and ready to go. Self-storage can often be a fantastic resolution, whether you’re looking for a longer term space to hide things away or a temporary stop gap while you find some middle ground.