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Did You Know: 3D Films

… that because DreamWorks is now releasing all of its films in 3D, the film company has to double the amount of data storage capacity required to store its movies? A new reference library was installed that was large enough to store around 36,000 DVDs as standard, and the volume was then increased four-fold to allow DreamWorks to keep everything they create.

The reason for this is that 3D animation requires every film frame to be created using two images instead of one (one for the viewer’s left eye, and one for the right). Those special bi-coloured glasses handed out at the theatre polarise the images on the screen and combine them in order to give a perception of depth.

The move to this type of animation also requires a move away from tape-based storage systems to disk in order to keep archived films online for animators to use as references for sequels.

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