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Did You Know A Blu-Ray Disc Can Store More Than Five Times The Amount Of Data Than A Standard DVD?

Did you know that Blu-Ray discs can hold up to 50GB of data, which is around five or six times the amount a standard DVD can hold? They are a high definition storage alternative to DVDs and they get there name from the colour of the blue laser that reads the discs inside of a player.

Having a large amount of storage space is essential for high definition discs as the quality of film takes up to ten times the amount of space that a standard definition disc requires. The 50GB capacity is for a dual-layer disc which is made up of two layers, a single layered disc can store 25GB of data which is enough storage space for at least two hours of high-definition video.

The increased storage capacity allows Blu-Ray discs to provide a much sharper and clearer picture than DVDs, as well as improved sound quality. Blu-Ray discs also have many more special features than DVDs, as a result of the extra space.

The physical structure of a Blu-Ray disc means that it is even more susceptible to scratching than a standard DVD. To resolve the problem, manufacturers decided to add a hard protective coating on each disc meaning that scratches won’t make your favorite films unwatchable.