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Did You Know Airplanes Can Be Stored In The Desert?

Did you know there’s a desert located in Tucson, Arizona that’s the home of US military planes that are no longer in service? The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base had become the home of retired airplanes shortly after World War II and now has a collection of over 4,000. Nicknamed ‘The Boneyard’, the area is spread across 2,600 acres, which is the equivalent of 1,430 football pitches.

The site was chosen as a storage facility because of its high altitude and the favourable conditions that allow the aircraft to be left outside for long periods of time without deteriorating too quickly. Among the aircraft kept in ‘The Boneyard’ are B-52 Cold War-era bombers and dozens of F-14 fighter jets. The area has even featured in a series of Hollywood films with the most recent being Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

High-resolution satellite images released by Google Earth earlier this year show incredible detail of the full range of aircraft that can be found at the site.