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Did You Know: Aliens need Storage too

…that one London self storage centre boasts the presence of aliens bent on world domination? A lone Dalek (the famous enemy of Dr Who) sits within a metal-cased unit to contrive his evil plans deep in the heart of the UK’s capital. Is he working alone or is he a scout for a future raid by an army of Daleks? His human owner bought him but soon realised that he had no space left for him at home. So, he now visits his Dalek and whizzes around the long corridors of the self storage building. Other customers appear to be reassured by this impressive display of security.

We can’t promise you aliens and villains, but can promise you that we’ll protect you from unwanted attack via our Open Cover Policy, which has been specifically designed for self-storage. You’ll simply pay a price for cover based on the replacement value of what you’re storing with us.

Experience the Dalek’s potential threat in the video below, ‘Dr Who and The Daleks Remix’: