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Did You Know: Bee Orchids

… that Rare Bee Orchids were found at Big Yellow’s Norwich branch? An avid wildlife lover (who had worked previously at the RSPB for 30 years) spotted the flower as he cycled past the site and prevented a nearby gardener from cutting them down!

Though better known for its self-storage storage solutions as opposed to hosting unusual flora and fauna, Big Yellow now made special provisions to ensure that the three flowers are kept safe and not removed by overzealous landscapers.

The Bee Orchid is a perennial, temperate species of orchid generally found growing on semi-dry turf, on limestone, calcareous dunes or in open areas in woodland. It’s often found on sand dunes, but hardly ever in urbanised areas, hence why the discovery was so exciting to the team.

The flowers make a surprising addition to the Riverside area because they are more typically found in Mediterranean regions and in the south, south east and Wales.

Bee Orchid