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Did You Know: Camel humps

…that most people believe that a camel’s hump stores water, but instead holds fat? The camel uses it as nourishment when food is scarce. If a camel uses the fat inside the hump, the hump will become limp and droop down. With proper food and rest the hump will return to normal.

The hump is not used for water storage, but camels can go for long periods of time without water. They drink large amounts of water – up to 20 gallons at a time. This water is stored in the animal’s bloodstream.

You might think that self-storage is all about moving house, but that’s far from the case. Looks can be deceiving as what’s often considered to be fact is sometimes not the case at all – from specialist wine cellars to flexible office space, there’s a world of different ways to make an extra bit of space go a long way for your own needs.