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Did You Know: Carbon Footprint

…that one of the methods being used to try and make coal-powered fuel a ‘cleaner’ option is carbon capture and storage? This involves capturing the CO2 from coal-fired power plants, compressing it into a liquid and injecting it deep beneath the earth. There the CO2 is sealed in to prevent it from seeping back to the surface and into the air.

Though this is relatively inexpensive to carry out, the difficulty is capturing it at the power plant without sapping too much energy or pushing electric costs up too high. For example, one 500-megawatt coal-fired power plant produces three million tons of CO2 annually. Adding carbon capture technology to that plant sucks up 40 percent of the power it can produce and adds an additional cost onto the retail price of that electricity.

Balancing environmental and commercial objectives is also a top priority for us, and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint substantially in the past year. Why not get in touch to find out some of the ways we use new technology – including motion sensor lights and ‘green roofs’ – to contribute towards a cleaner, greener future.