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Did You Know: Cassette Artwork

…that the cassette, once confined to the realms of storing music, is now being used to make art? Erika Simmons is using the blackened tape of old cassettes to recreate the likeness of popular musicians. She specialises in using non traditional media, from old books to playing cards, magazines, and credit cards, or as she says ‘things that have a mind of their own’, to build something new.

Her series, titled ‘Ghost in the Machine’ incorporates materials used to store film and video and includes Marilyn Monroe made from 8mm film reel, the aforementioned cassette piece that depicts Jimi Hendrix, as well as Audrey Hepburn built using old photography film.

The reason people choose to use self-storage has gone through a similar rejuvenation of late. Once resigned to the fate of the hardy cassette, and thought upon as somewhere just to store old boxes, you can now use our units as flexible office space or even place your wine collection in our temperature controlled rooms.