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Did You Know DIY Is Taking Over YouTube?

Did you know that while YouTube is filled with music videos and your favourite television clips, it has also become a virtual treasure trove of DIY hints, tips, and inspiration? In fact, it’s quickly becoming the first port of call for someone with a specific problem or DIY need.

The quality of DIY videos on YouTube vary, from videos of one person trying to share some knowledge, to recognised home improvement brand names with their own channels and playlists. For example, the kitfoam channel features seven videos with instructions for the installation of spray foam insulation kits. Meanwhile, the iFixitYourself channel has alerady gotten over two million views of its videos. As YouTube grows, its DIY content will no doubt continue to grow as well.

Don’t forget that many sites also have their own video portals, such as

Remember that for certain tasks, you should always use the video to supplement what you have found in other resources. Also, there is no substitute for having thorough written instructions and photos that you can take with you to the site of your home improvement. And always choose video instructions with the an eye toward safety.