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Did You Know England Invented The Concept Of Self Storage?

Did you know the British banking industry came up with the idea of self storage? In the 1800’s business men about to go on long journeys asked bankers to protect their valuables for them until they returned. The bankers stored their clients possessions inside the vault, but this space quickly ran out resulting in the bankers finding an alternative storage solution, renting loft space from moving companies instead.

However it wasn’t until the mid 1960’s in Texas that self storage facilities as we know them today were born. The concept was instantly successful and was quickly replicated across the rest of America and Canada.

England was slow to react and didn’t adopt self storage for the general public until the late 1980’s. There were many risks involved for early entrepreneurs who developed the self storage industry in the UK. Land prices were much more expensive in England than the US, due to limited space. It cost in the region of two to three million pounds to set up a self storage business in the UK and there was no proof it would be profitable. The public were slow to take to the idea of self storage, but eventually as British lives changed, the risks paid off for the early developers of self storage and the businesses grew to into the thriving industry we know today.

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