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Did you know – Garden Furniture Storage

We are already half way through summer, and the party season is in full swing, with garden furniture coming out at every opportunity. However, what with the disappointing weather it’s nearly that time again for the age old question of where to store the garden furniture.

The problem with the traditional methods of storage such as the garden shed, or just left covered in the corner of the garden is that when you come back to it next summer, it is likely that you will find it covered in rust or mould, and that it has to be thrown out.
Big Yellow Self Storage could prove to be an economical way to store your garden furniture, rather than replacing it each year. Our Self Storage units will guarantee prevention of rust or mould developing as each room is dry, clean and safe from undesirable weather conditions.

If you are worried about the costs of the length of storage for a year, just check our website for the latest deals as you can get discounts for renting the unit in certain blocks of time, and there is no maximum time limit either.

If it is just your garden furniture you want to store we can accommodate for this as our rooms come in a range of sizes starting from 10 sq foot going all the way up to 500 sq foot. You also have the option to increase the unit space if you find you have more items to add in the future.

Please visit to get a free and quick online quote, and let us help you save your garden furniture, and some pennies!