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Did You Know Happy Meals Can Make You Rich?

Did You Know that a collection of McDonald’s memorabilia was sold for a whopping £8,130 last year? The 5,000 items from the fast food chain consisted of toys, posters and Happy Meal boxes and made the owner Luke Underwood a small fortune. Luke was only 11 when the collection was sold in March 2009. The young entrepreneur from South Clifton, Nottinghamshire persuaded his dad to buy the memorabilia dating from 1990-2000 for him for just £250 in 2005. Luke sold it 4 years later after running out of space in his home to store the thousands of McDonald’s promotional items.

The collection was thought to be the largest of its kind in the UK and included the only known complete set of the 101 Dalmatians promotional toys, in their original bags. The auction, held by Unique Auctions in March 2009, attracted buyers from across the world. Items were then split up and sold in around 300 lots, fetching Luke a tidy sum. Successful bidders came from as far as America and Germany. Luke was not keen to sell the items but his family could no longer store the massive collection. Boxes full of McDonald’s bits and pieces were taking up all the space in their loft, living room, hall and landing.

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