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Did You Know: lager means storage in German?

The word “lager” is German and means “storage”, which refers to the lager (storage) fermentation process. The fermentation of both ales and lager is processed at a similar temperature for 7-14 days. After that time the ale, depending on the type, is ready for bottling. With lagers, this is only the start. After the main fermentation the beer is pumped into lager tanks with temperatures 10°C lower than room temperature. It is then left to mature and ferment for around 6-10 weeks to create the lager we all know and love! The longest lager fermentation process is for that of Budějovický Budvar brewery’s ‘Bud Super Strong’, the super-premium member of the Budvar family which takes 200 days to mature.

Energy efficient advancements have been made with the Cylindric-conical tanks (CCTs) used to store lager during the process of combined beer fermentation and maturation. The storage CCTs have evolved to ensure cooling and heating insulation can save up to 40% of energy consumed over previous years.

We don’t ferment lager here at Big Yellow Self Storage. However, we are extremely energy conscious throughout our operations. You can also use our self storage facilities to store anything you like for a little as a week, month, year or as long as you want. We only ask for seven days notice when you want to leave. Visit our Quote and reserve online page to get started.