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Did You Know: Storage started in Texas

… that the first self-storage facilities originated in Texas in the late 1960s? In fact, it was nothing more than a decision to build a series of garages in an open space one day. After the owners realised that they had no real need for them, they rented them out, and then built more. The idea started to catch on, and others did the same.

Back then, they were little more than tin garages, usually situated on the industrial periphery of cities and suburbs, and built on former infill sites or among drive-in theatres. The idea of keeping your possessions outside of the home suddenly blossomed into competitive commerce in the space of a few years.

Some say it was because households, in step with the global economy of the early 1970s, lurched into a crisis of over-accumulation.
Nowadays, we still suffer from the same problems, but self-storage had advanced to include 24 hour digital CCTV, coded electronic gates, perimeter security fencing, smoke detectors and fire alarms to protect your belongings. At Big Yellow, all corridors are well lit, and all floors have an emergency phone just in case you need us.