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Did You Know: Temporary Self Storage

…that most self-storage needs are in fact temporary instead of permanent? According to a recent poll on (a directory of self storage facilities nationwide), the most common reason for people to seek out self-storage is a temporary need for more space. Of the 100 respondents, nearly half (43 percent) of those polled were looking for self storage for this reason and only fifteen people had a more permanent need for more space.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 32 percent of storage seekers were moving: 16 respondents were making a local move, and 16 were moving cross-country. So during the recession, it would be easy to assume that people require storage due to a move, to take another job, or minimise living expenses. But this poll shows that this is far from the case.
Big Yellow’s units can be used for just a week, a month or more, but no matter how much time you need it for, there’s no need to sign a long-term contract and we only require seven days notice before you leave.