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Did You Know: That nuts and bonnets don’t mix?

A woman in America was surprised to discover that her car’s indicator had stopped working because there were thousands of nuts stored under the bonnet of her car?

As reported in the Metro, Hope Wideup of Indiana came across the horde of walnuts when she opened the car’s bonnet to see what was wrong. ‘There were thousands in there. They were everywhere,’ she said.

Wideup suspects that it all started when a chipmunk snatched a garden glove from her yard. She later found the glove in the engine compartment when she was trying to repair the broken turn signal. Unable to fix the problem, however, Wideup let the car sit unused for a couple of weeks, before hearing an unusual noise from the engine when she finally tried to start the vehicle.

The moral of the story? Check under your bonnet regularly and make sure that one of your furry friends hasn’t taken up residence.