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Did You Know That The First Billion Square Feet Of Storage Space Took 25 Years To Build?

With 58,000 self storage facilities globally more and more people are benefitting from the extra space in their homes. Ever wondered how other countries self storage compares to ours? We’ve taken a look at the USA, France and Spain to bring you the juicy facts to help put your mind at ease.

The self storage market in the US is a huge industry with about 45,000 facilities compared to 1,200 that are situated in the UK. The first billion square feet of storage space took 25 years to build and the next billion only took 8 years thanks to a boom within the industry. This is mainly because of the vast space available and their national Self Storage Association that was formed in 1975. Even most of the 50 states have their own self storage association! Also, many self storage stores are based on US military bases and over 700,000 rooms are rented to its personnel.

The self storage market in France is growing rapidly with 112 storage facilities and is the second most in Europe. As recently as 2005, only 5% of the population was aware of self storage and it’s a long way behind the UK but has come far in a short space of time. Paris is the hub of all facilities as 54% of stores are located in the area meaning it is still unknown is rural areas.

Before 2002 there were no self storage stores in Spain but today there are around 70 self storage facilities. Around 40% of stores are located around the Catalonia region and is seen as the stronghold of the self storage market. Many of the self storage facilities in Spain are used for Britons that have moved abroad with many setting up their websites in English to cater to the demand. The market is still in its infancy compared to Britain, but many facilities are providing the ex-pat community with the extra space they need.

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