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Did You Know That You Have Items Of Clothing That You Will Never Wear?

Did you know that the average woman has 22 garments in her wardrobe that she will never wear but refuses to throw out? The average cost of unworn items left to take up space is £285 while men are no better as they hoard 19 items that they will never wear. Despite these items taking up valuable storage space, they’re rarely sorted.

It’s tough to decide what to throw out of your wardrobe but you need to be ruthless! Impulse buying is often the most common cause of wardrobe clutter as items seem like a good idea in the shop but when you get home they’re less appealing. Jeans are the most common item to be left unworn as well as tops that people would never be seen in. Many people refuse to throw out their clothes because they feel guilty about wasting money and hoard items just in case they wear them in the future.