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Did You Know – the average person makes £150 online?

Whether it’s things that you no longer need, can’t fit into or gifts you can’t return, online auctions are a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

You can earn anything from a few pounds to hundreds of thousands, depending on how much you have to sell. Platinum power sellers on eBay for example, make sales of over £15,000 every month. To shift that much stock however, you would need a serious amount of personal storage space!

Vintage items and used designer brands in good condition are always in demand. Auction on eBay and you could have the money within a few days. It’s not only on eBay that you can sell your wares. If it has a bar code then Amazon is a good bet – especially books.

Another quick win would be to get cash back for your phone. If you’ve recently upgraded your mobile phone, sell it online or recycle it and get cash back. Iphones are valued highly, but can alternatively be put in storage and sold as vintage in a decade or so.

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