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Did You Know There Is A Storage Solution For Old Post Boxes?

Did you know there is a storage solution for post boxes which are no longer in use? A man from the Isle of Wight is storing so many old post boxes; he has had to build a new house to contain them all! Arthur Reeder is believed to own the biggest collection of post boxes and mail memorabilia in the UK (possibly even the world). He has almost 200 different post boxes from a variety of decades and countries. His collection also includes hundreds of pieces of old post equipment such as signs, stamps, scales etc.

Arthur started the collection over 15 years ago when he discovered an old wall mounted post box in a rubbish skip whilst on holiday in Wales. He took it home and restored it to its former glory. He then developed a passion for Royal Mail artefacts and began collecting and restoring other post boxes. His oldest post box dates back to 1861. Many of the post boxes in his collection are displayed outside in Arthur’s paddock and the rows of red pillar post boxes can be seen from the road in Newport.

The Royal Mail rarely sell post boxes to the public, most of Arthurs collection has come from donations after boxes are removed due to damage or vandalism. If the boxes were still in working order, they would still be in use. Strangely enough Arthur is not the only person who stores old post boxes in his home. Steve Knight in Essex also has an impressive collection of about 100 post boxes as well as 19 stamp vending machines, documents, uniforms and other associated artefacts. Steve has also had to construct a purpose-built outhouse for his assortment of postal relics.

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