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Did You Know You There Is A World Record For The Largest Collection Of Traffic Cones?

Did you know a man from the UK earned the world record for his collection of 132 Traffic Cones? David Morgan achieved this unusual record in 2000, but according the Guinness World Records, the record is still valid today.

The record breaker, from Oxfordshire, has continued to grow his collection of traffic cones and now owns 550 different kinds. The 68-year-old has two thirds of all the types of cones ever made. His collection includes traffic cones from as far as Malaysia and Finland. His prize possession is a 1956 Lynvale rubber cone from Scotland – the oldest item in the collection. He even owns a rare black funeral cone used by undertakers.

David is the Sales Director for the world’s largest producer of traffic cones, which produces over 3.5 million cones a year. Dubbed by many as ‘cone head’, David started collecting cones in 1986. It all started when he was involved in a legal dispute with a competitor when he was accused of copying a cone design. Mr Morgan scoured the country for cones, to prove the design already existed and won the case. Sixty cones were used as evidence in the copyright lawsuit, all of which formed the basis for his collection. He found the different types of cones fascinating and has continued collecting cones ever since the trial.

Although David appreciates that road traffic cones are an unusual collector’s item, he is disappointed that so few people are enthusiastic about them. David keeps around 50 regular road cones in his car to swap for any unusual cones he comes across on his travels. His assortment of cones is stored in the garage, which has no harmful UV light to ensure they do not get damaged.

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