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Sheds have become somewhat of a trend, helped by the ever growing popularity of Shed of the Year; last year won by Joel Bird for his eco-shack.

Sheds have gone way past just being extra storage; some have now been transformed into workshops, man caves, cinemas, and even pubs. We love the creative use of space, and here we’ll take you through some of the craziest sheds around.

The Plum Tree Arms
A creation by Geoff Clarke in East Yorkshire, this shed is designed in the style of a traditional English pub, with everything from beer pumps, to dart boards and a wood burning stove. The family uses it for meals, domino and darts tournaments, New Year’s Eve, and of course, casual drinks with friends.
Plum Tree Arms

By day, its Ben Filmore’s garden office decorated with colourful rugs, but by night the Shedservatory’s roof rolls off to reveal the sky. Home to Ben’s telescopes, it makes the perfect hub for star gazing.

Starliner Diner
Chris Galley’s back garden is home to an “Art Deco style, homemade modern yet retro diner”, designed and built by himself over the weekends and evenings. Finishing touches include a restored vintage jukebox and booths made from old boat seats, all contributing to making it the perfect party room for his family.
Starliner Diner

When Manjit Sudhu built her sewing haven, she wanted it to be special. The shed, placed underneath a cherry tree strewn with lanterns, has French windows, rose print wallpaper, and multi-coloured chandeliers. It’s the perfect place to forget about work, and also homes her sewing materials, which she no longer had space for in the house.

If this has inspired you to shake-up your shed, we’ll be happy to look after the stuff that you’ll need to clear out. Click here for everything you need to know.

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