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2010: The Year Clutter Died!

The New Year inspires many of us, with resolutions ranging from losing weight to cutting down on liquid merriment. Your home could also benefit from some of this post-Hogmanay energy, so why not actually sort out the mess that is your spare room, or finally put away those dusty vinyls that haven’t been played in years? To help you out, there are plenty of online resources where you can find great advice on creative storage solutions for every facet of your home. See our cream of the crop below.

Unclutterer is blog about getting organised. It offers impartial advice on removing clutter and streamlining your home. There’s even a forum where you can discuss your storage needs with other members who will be only too happy to answer your queries – no topic too strange!

Swiss-Miss is a design blog that provides innovative design ideas and news. Not all are home related, but its interesting stuff and well worth adding to your RSS feed for cutting edge design and storage ideas

Storage Solutions is an independent blog written by a storage obsessive! She posts at least once a month and always has some interesting ideas about niche storage topics like storing your Christmas presents

Kitchn as the name suggests is a Kitchen blog offering advice to the budding domestic goddess, or god for that matter. Much of the posts are related to cookery, but storage in the kitchen is also covered on a regular basis. So if you want to know about the future of spice racks, have a read!