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Antiques of tomorrow: old computers and phones

So you’ve discovered your old coat from many, many winters ago in the back of the cupboard. You try it on, just to see if it still fits; you put your hand in the pocket and pull out a large, brick shaped object. On closer inspection, you discover it is your old mobile phone, the one from long before the days of touch screen and cameras. Well did you know that you could potentially get a rather large amount of money for that old ‘brick’?

When we think of antiques, we usually think of precious pieces of china or family heirlooms passed down from generations. We don’t often associate the word with phones and computers. However, an expert at the BBC show ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ believes that future generations will be bringing their old mobiles on to the show, particularly those that have models such as the first version of the flip screen phone.

Did you know that the very first Apple Macintosh computer was sold in 2008 for a rather comfortable $8,260? Who’d have thought the phones and computers that we now laugh at will one day soon be able to make us a small fortune?

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the world’s first mobile phone and went on sale in 1983, so anyone with one of those knocking around would be wise to hold onto it. Even though it may just be in the home gathering dust, it will also be gathering a small fortune.

The companies that produce these products are innovating at an alarming rate to keep on top of the game; remember the days when phones didn’t have colour screens? Or before computers could enable you to talk to other people…face to face? Is innovation the reason these products are fast becoming the antiques of the future?

We know these objects aren’t small (that’s part of their charm) so you may need somewhere to store your future antique? Why not leave it with us at Big Yellow Storage where it can spend its days getting more and more valuable.

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Image courtesy of Laura Blankenship