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A Love Letter from Your Stuff

To my older surfer dude,

Remember that trip we had – it was me, you and the open seas.

We picked up many a souvenir along the way – fabrics from India, those ostrich boots from Australia…all of which lie in hidden cupboards and boxes under the bed.

Over the years it hasn’t just been me that family and friends have told you to get rid of. I’ve heard them say the same about all the posters and t-shirts from gigs back in the day, every birthday and Christmas card you’ve ever received, and the trophies from all the kids’ sports days – gold, silver and bronze.

Right now, we know there is no place for us stuff in your home, but that doesn’t mean we have to go for good. One day, you might need us or want us – and I know of the perfect place where we will be safe.

I’ll be in good company, with everything from tools to winter wardrobes, to ill-fitting furniture and even business’ stock. You can choose my room – from a snug fit or a space as big as a garage, all at a great price.

And the best thing is, you can visit us any time you want.


Your surfboard

At Big Yellow, we want you to live without a compromise. We’re here for you when you want to keep the stuff you love, but don’t have the space for.