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Add some fizz to your festive season

Whether you’re a fan of Cava, Crémant, Prosecco, Sekt or Champagne, our resident wine expert Matthew Wicksteed – based at our Fulham store where we have specialized wine cellars – shares his top tips to make your Christmas sparkle.

Let it rest
Sparkling wine should always be stored horizontally (to keep the corks moist) in a cool, dry, dark place. If you’re storing champagne, the bubbles will become smaller over time; consequently most vintage champagnes are released at their peak in order to be best enjoyed.

Keep it cold
If your champers starts out cold and stays that way, chances are that it will retain more bubbles. If time is of the essence and you’ve only got minutes to spare then here’s a guide to keeping your fizz frosty:
o 30 minutes: lay it in the fridge
o 15 minutes: pop it in a bucket with ice and cold water
o 10 minutes: as above but add a handful of salt (it helps preserve the ice for longer)

The glass matters
There’s an estimated one million bubbles in an average glass of champagne. To get the most of the aroma, texture and finish think about serving your chosen fizz in a standard wine glass, in half glass measures (3-4oz).

Serve it with… anything!
Sparkling wine is exceptionally versatile so it’s perfect for celebrating the festive season. That said, cheese will bring out the best in your bottle – choose a smooth brie or nutty Gouda to get your guests tastebuds going.

Waste not, want not
There’s always a not-quite-finished bottle leftover after a party. If you haven’t got a metal stopper – and rather than throwing it away – why not use it as you would any white wine, and add it to your meal to make something delicious? It does wonders with fish when cooked into a sauce and might be a nice change from turkey!

At Big Yellow we know that temperature is key for maintaining the quality of wines and making your dinner parties extra special.

At Big Yellow we offer the following at our Fulham branch, the UK’s first purpose built wine storage facility.

• Climate controlled wine storage facilities where you can store as little or as much wine as you like (from 15-500 bottles)
• Your own private wine cellar open 7 days a week
• Delivery and collection services
• Wine tasting rooms with events hosted by the West London Wine School

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