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At Home’s ‘Save Space’ Series: The Best Zones To Save Space Around The Bedroom

Welcome to the third installment of at home’s ‘Get Some Space in Your Life’ series with some great advice from leading personal storage experts Big Yellow Self Storage. This week, we show you how to save space in your bedroom!

We’ve already looked at space saving tips for your kitchen and next week, the at home team will continue to bring you personal storage solutions about how to declutter in all areas of your garden and how to clear the clutter to relieve tension in relationships.

Your bedroom should be a haven of comfort and calm but if you’re greeted with clutter instead of the perfect space, it could be robbing you of all the relaxation and sleep you need.

Three Space Saving Tips For Your Bedroom

Wardrobes can be a great solution to clear clutter from your bedroom if they’re used right. If you are short on space, wardrobes can hold the answer to your storage needs. They provide a huge amount of storage in a very small space by reducing the amount of furniture pieces to create a fresh and clean look in your bedroom.

Usually items just get moved from one part of the room and thrown into your wardrobe creating a mess and it becomes much harder to find the things you actually want. The key to reducing the amount of clutter is to sort through your wardrobe and consider if all the items are needed.

There are many ways of keeping it organised and de-cluttered by adding extra storage capacity within your wardrobe. Clear storage boxes are ideal to put at the bottom of your wardrobe and you’re able to see what’s inside without having to look through everything. These can be used to store out of season clothes, bed sheets and accessories for your bedroom.

Storing your clothes and accessories by group will allow you keep them being jumbled and make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Even placing your clothes hangers facing the same way can save space and your clothes will look much neater and less crinkled. Storing extra pairs of shoes on the back of your wardrobe door in fabric hanging shelves will keep them together and out of sight.

Whether you’re a hoarder, just a collector of gorgeous and vintage clothes or buy more than you should, keeping your clothes and collectables in tip top condition is key to having an extensive wardrobe. General wear and tear and poor storage can really damage clothing and shorten the lifespan of your favourite shirt or dress.

To de-clutter and keep your clothes in excellent condition you’ll need to be strong and clear out those items that haven’t been worn in the last year, no longer fit or are out of style. Not only will this keep your clothes in better condition, but it will mean your items aren’t crammed together and you’ll be able to find everything much easier. For those items you just can’t throw out, you can always keep them in self storage because you never know when they’ll come back into fashion.


A room with too many dressers, tables and chairs is going to make it feel smaller no matter how large your bedroom is. Having more furniture will attract more bits and pieces creating even more clutter. Limiting the amount of furnishings you have, as well as a mirror-fronted wardrobe could make your bedroom look larger than it actually is.

A perfect accessory for a bedroom is a dressing table provided that it isn’t covered in items that could be easily stored away in a drawer or thrown away. A few items will make it look complete where as dresser covered in bottles of perfume, cufflinks or loose change will make it look cluttered.