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At Home’s ‘Save Space’ Series: The Best Zones To Save Space Around The Home

Welcome to the fifth installment of at home’s ‘Get Some Space in Your Life’ series with some great advice from leading personal storage experts Big Yellow Self Storage. This week, we show those of you who work from home some great solutions to ensure your work doesn’t interfere with your home life.

We’ve already looked at space saving tips for your home in the bedroom, space saving solutions to help transform your garden and the at home team will be bringing you solutions to get the work/life balance right at home by transforming areas into zones and maximising space through self storage.

If you regularly work from home, the work space can be one of the areas of the house that seems to get cluttered faster than others. Setting apart your work space and the areas of home where you can relax will help you get the work / life balance right.

Three Space Saving Tips To Get The Work/Life Balance Right

Clutter can plague the work area in many ways and having too many things on your desk can make it difficult to work to your full potential. It’s easy to become distracted when there is lots of paperwork and clutter surrounding the area you’re working in, especially if you’re using a desktop computer. It can often become impossible to find anything if your physical and virtual work spaces are cluttered. Take a minute to clear the space by deleting old emails, unnecessary paper work, magazines and anything else that you’re not working on.

Any paperwork that can be found on a website or email should be recycled. Filing systems can help you minimise the inflow of paperwork and help reduce your existing paperwork piles. The time you take clearing the space, will be the time saved looking for important items when you need them in the future. Some documents and records need to be kept and have to be maintained, but storing them requires a lot of space. Self storage can offer a solution as it’s a great way to store documents safely and allows you to keep your files organised in one location.

If you strive to make working from home more welcoming it will become a comfortable and productive environment. It’s important that you don’t make your work space in your home a place that you associate with high levels of stress as this is essential to separate the work and life balance within the home. Don’t give up once you have reclaimed your work space and found the right balance. Each day there are new things that appear on our desks, by leaving a small amount of time each day to clear things will make it much easier to deal with. With your work space free of clutter you will become more efficient and spend less time working.