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At Home’s ‘Save Space’ Series: The Best Zones To Save Space Around The Home

Welcome to the sixth and final installment of at home’s ‘Get Some Space in Your Life’ series with some great advice from leading personal storage experts Big Yellow Self Storage. This week, we show you how to declutter and ease tensions in the home.

We’ve already looked at space saving tips for your home in the living room, space saving solutions to plan the perfect space in the kitchen and the at home team will be bringing you solutions to clear the clutter in relationships by relieving tension in your family dynamic through self storage.

A third of Britons claim that clutter is the main source of tension around the home with arguments occurring at least once per week and 2.4 million of us are arguing about it more than once a day. Clutter around the home could be depriving you of valuable relaxation time with your partner.

Three space saving tips to clear the clutter and relieve tension in your family dynamic

Deciding how to store items in your home is a very important part of de-cluttering and getting organised. Sorting through your collection of shoes, coats and other items of clothing in the hallway that take up space is great way of clearing an entrance to your home. Shoe clutter is a very common household problem and the more people there are in your house, the bigger the problem can become. Shoes and coats that are used on a daily basis can be kept close by but any items that are rarely used should be placed in a cupboard, donated to charity or put in a self storage room.

We tend to spend a lot of time in our bathrooms but more often than not toiletries begin to take over and outgrow their storage spaces with extra clutter. You can make great use of all the areas of your bathroom to help store items in the most efficient way regardless of the size. A great way to start clearing the clutter and maximising the space is by throwing away any items that have expired or products that you no longer use. Wicker baskets are practical and provide simple storage solutions and can aid in the décor of your bathroom. They’re portable and can be placed on open spaces around your room, although you don’t want to cover every available space with a basket.

As the kids are back at school again, it’s a great opportunity for you the reclaim the areas of the home that may have been taken over with toys and sports items throughout the summer holidays. Locating designated toy zones around the home will ensure that they don’t get cluttered around your living space and when you go to tidy their things up it will mean you don’t have to clean up every room in the house for clutter. As an added bonus you won’t have to go searching around your house to find missing toy parts. Boxes are one of the simplest storage solutions for your child’s belongings as they can be kept together in one place. They’re versatile as you can stack them and rearrange them to suit you and your children’s needs.