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Back To School: Reclaim Your Space

As the kids are preparing to start a new school year, it’s a great opportunity for you to reclaim the areas of the home. These spaces may have been taken over with toys and sports items throughout the summer holidays.

Shelving is one of the simplest storage solutions for your child’s belongings as they are kept together in one place. Children can easily find their things and will be able to see exactly where they need to be returned too. Not only are shelves convenient, they’re easy to assemble as they can be mounted directly onto your walls using an L-shaped bracket. The amount of shelving you use depends on the amount of space is available on the wall and the amount of things you need to be placed on them.

As children don’t need to store long clothing in a closet, you can gain extra storage space by lowering the clothing rod and adding an extra shelf above it. Not only will this provide extra storage space, but also the children will be able to reach their own clothes.

Toy bins and bin organisers are very useful for sorting toys into compartments and usually they don’t have lids so this will make it easy for children to access them. They’re a good choice for storing a collection of small toys and can easily rotate toys that are currently being played with one that aren’t.

Boxes are versatile as you can stack them and rearrange them to suit you and your children’s needs. They can often be used for storing larger toys that might not fit onto shelving, although play items can become lost or forgotten at the bottom of the box. You can be creative and give yourself more storage options by buying boxes of different shapes and sizes. They’re often decorative and if you were to use a wooden box you could put a cushion on top to make it a bench, as this is a useful way of hiding the storage.

Locating designated toy zones around the home will ensure that they don’t get cluttered around your living space. When you go to tidy their things up it will mean you don’t have to clean up every room in the house for clutter and as an added bonus you won’t have to go searching to find missing toy parts.

Donating unwanted toys is a great way of clearing the build up of items in their bedrooms and around the house. But sometimes toys are too precious and have too many memories to give away. To find out how you can benefit from storing your children’s toys in our self storage rooms at any of our stores, visit our Quote and Reserve Online page to get started.