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Big Yellow Self Storage’s Big Thinker

On the closing day of the Big Thinker’s competition, I was on my laptop at home feeling frantic. I furiously messaged friends, family and anyone else who would take any notice, to convince them to ‘Like’ my Big Thinker’s entry before 4pm so I could win the Big Thinkers Internship.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – earlier this year the Big Yellow Self Storage Company launched a competition to win a month’s internship with their online communications team in London.

I had to write something funny, catchy or downright silly, incorporating the words ‘Big’ and ‘Yellow’ and submit it on the Big Yellow Self Storage Facebook page. My challenge was to then get the most ‘Likes’ or retweets on my entry from friends and family.

I was a Facebook fan before this competition, and could sometimes be accused of indulging in my ‘News Feed’ a little too often – but in the days leading up to the closing date, I turned into a fully fledged Facebook addict. At any given opportunity, morning, noon or night, I would bug absolutely anyone (including complete strangers) to find my post and click ‘Like’.

When the results were revealed, I was gutted to discover I was placed a close second, losing out by only 22 ‘Likes’! Luckily though, Big Yellow decided to re-open the competition, and this time, my determination paid off, I won with 174 ‘Likes’ on my post.

I was so excited to get stuck in and become the Big Yellow Blogger for a month. I was greeted by smiling faces from the whole team and we chatted over a lovely brew, as I was told more about what I would be doing.

Relieved to discover that I would not be the team’s new tea lady or stood next to a photo copier all day, I checked out Big Yellow’s Self Storage blog and read through previous entries to get to grips with the style of writing and type of content.

Each month the blog has a self storage related theme, for October the subject is ‘collectors’ so I came up with some content ideas for the blog and got cracking with writing the first article.

Some of my posts are already online, so have a read through to see what I’ve been up to. I would love to know what you all think so feel free to leave comments. Also, keep an eye out over the next two weeks as there are many more posts to come!

It has been a fantastic experience so far, finding out about Big Yellow Self Storage and learning the ins and outs of online communications. My first two weeks have flown by, and I cannot believe I am already at the halfway point of the internship! I would recommend this fantastic opportunity to anyone who is considering entering the Big Thinker’s competition next year.

This is Anna Naylor signing off!