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Big Yellow Self Storage & The Gadget Show Team Up For Record Breaking Giant Game Of Tetris

The Gadget Show has created a gigantic Tetris game to beat a world record in a show which aired on Monday night. The Channel Five show set a new Guinness World Record for the largest game of Tetris ever played. The programme produced a spectacular instillation using boxes donated by Big Yellow Self Storage, with bright lights inside every box.

The 1984 game, which involves moving and rotating shaped blocks to fit into lines, was recreated using 200 of Big Yellow’s extra large storage boxes making a grid of 105.7 metre squared.

Presenters Ortis Deley, Suzi Perry, Pollyanna Woodward and Jon Bentley controlled the game on the ground by stamping on directional pressure pads, whilst Jason Bradbury oversaw the game from a cherry picker, shouting directions to his fellow team members.

To beat the previous record, the technology show’s presenters needed to complete more than four lines of the grid at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham, they succeeded by clearing a total of 9 lines!

The record attempt was the final task in the special ‘challenge’ episode. Other missions involved presenters building rideable lawnmowers in just 60 minutes which Jon Bentley then raced against the British Lawn Mower Association’s reigning champions. The team visited a golf course to try for a hole in one as well as compete against Britain’s Got Talent star Tobias Mead in a video game challenge.

To see the incredible Tetris construction, click on the link below to watch the video: