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Cardboard Creations: Personal Cinema

Along with helpful DIY tips and life hacks, our Twitter is also filled with cardboard creations, such as a submarine, a racing car, and even a rocket. In this post, we’re going to show you how to create your very own personal cinema in just 10 easy steps.

Virtual reality googles are fast becoming a thing of the present rather than the future, but if you’re not ready to fork out for a real headset, this cardboard cinema will keep you and the kids entertained on the weekend.
Personal Cinema

Step 1 – what you will need:
• Small cardboard box
• Mobile phone
• Stanley knife
• Black card
• Double sided tape
• Black gaffer tape
• Pen

NB: Parental supervision required if using a Stanley knife

Step 2
Remove the bottom of the box. Place two strips of double sided tape on the outside of the smaller flaps at the top.

Step 3
Measure and cut out a rectangle shape from each of the two flaps, shortening them both. This will provide a ledge for the phone to sit on.

Step 4
Next, close the two wider flaps and mark out a bed for the phone to sit in as shown in the image below.

Step 5
Carefully cut out the bed for the phone, and then secure the flaps together using the double sided tape. Your phone should sit comfortably on the ledge with enough space for the full screen to be shown through the gap.

Step by step 1

Step 6
Turn the box on its head and using the gap as a template, mark out a window on a piece of black card. Stick this onto the inside so it frames the rectangle gap.

Step 7
Next, cut off small strips of gaffer tape to neaten up the edges of the gap between the cardboard box and the inner sheet of black card.

Step 8
To reduce any light creeping into the box, a cover for the phone is required. To do this, simply attach some double sided tape to a piece of black card large enough to cover the phone, and stick it down on one side only. You will be able to lift up the other side to put your phone in place when the cinema is complete.

Step 9
Finally, you’ll need to cut an opening for your head. This will only need to be a little larger than the size of your neck. If you make it too big, too much light will get into the box.

Step 10
…and voila! Your cinema is complete. Pick a film on your phone, lie back, and enjoy your very own personal cinema experience.
Step by step 2