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Christmas Without The Clutter

During the Christmas period your home can go from a humble abode to looking like a tip in a matter of days. The main cause of this is adding seasonal decorations to your home which can increase your home’s clutter. In the run-up to Christmas we’ll be providing solutions so you can celebrate Christmas without the clutter, suggesting gift ideas for around the home that will provide great storage solutions and give you reason to celebrate without the mess.

When decorating your home make sure you remove everyday items that are being replaced by Christmas decorations. It’s a good idea to place the everyday items in the boxes that usually hold your decorations or place them in storage. That way you know where they are and you can easily put them back when removing the decorations after Christmas.

If you’re keeping presents in the home for friends and family that aren’t coming to visit you could keep them out of the way in storage. It’s a safe and secure option that will allow you to keep areas clear and make extra space available. When it’s time to go and visit them, all you need to do is simply grab the items.

Decorations at Christmas can lose their appeal and clutter up your space if you do too much. More decorations doesn’t necessarily mean your home looks better. If you find that you have many left over after cutting back on the number of decorations you’re using, you could donate them for someone else to make use of.

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