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Declutter Your Home Before The Spring Clean

One way to banish the winter blues is to get your home ready for Spring and Summer. Spring cleaning is something many people hate but it’s a great time to sort out your belongings and freshen up your surroundings. Before you start cleaning there are many things you can to in preparation to make it go as smoothly as possible.

In each room of your home, break down the individual tasks that need to be completed in a list that you can check off. This could be to sort through the pile of magazines or to organise the cabinet. Once you’ve completed it you can tick it off your list as completed.

If you have a wardrobe of out-of-season clothes then this a great time to sort your old items before the new season. Instead of cramming all of your clothes into a small space, sort through the items that you no longer want. This will free up space and prevent your clothes from becoming wrinkled.

Instead of completing all of the tasks that need to be done yourself, you can distribute them to other members of your family. If you have young children then you could give something small for them to do such as sorting through some of their old toys. They could be sorted and together you can decide which ones to keep and which toys they may have grown out of.

Lastly, schedule when you are going to start your spring clean in your diary or on a calendar so you can give yourself plenty of time to prepare.