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Did you know that some people will go to extreme lengths to protect their shoes?

While most of us are content to store our shoes in cupboards and on racks, that is just not an option for some people. When your selection grows to thousands even these small items of clothing become a challenge. Here are a few collections that put the average joe’s shoe cupboard to shame.

The Northampton Museum is home to the world’s largest shoe collection. The town famous for its shoe and boot industry houses over 50,000 pairs at the museum. The collection includes famous pairs such as Queen Victoria’s wedding shoes and the Vivienne Westwood shoes supermodel Naomi Campbell famously took a tumble in.

Fashion icon Anna dello Russo has admitted to having a collection of over 4000 pairs of shoes! The editor at large for Vogue Japan is no messy shopaholic however, making sure that every item is catalogued, perfumed and safely stored. As she is rarely pictured in the same outfit twice, this collection is sure to keep growing.

In the world of retail, the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges win the title of world’s largest shoe department. With the space an impressive 35,000 sq feet in size, it can hold 55,000 pairs of shoes easily rivaling the Northampton Museum! Showcasing 120 brands and eleven designer boutiques, (Louboutin and Chanel to name a few) this is a must visit for any shoe addict.

Whilst women are the usual suspects for outlandish shoe collections, Joshua Mueller proves that men love shoes just as much. He owns the largest collection of Converse shoes, consisting of 1,546 different pairs. He goes to great lengths to keep them looking their best, wearing plastic bags on his feet in order to keep them clean when visiting dirty places. With this amount he could wear a different pair every day for over four years!

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