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Estate agents don rubber gloves to help clinch a sale

Despite bad press it seems that some estate agents are getting their hands dirty to help their sellers clinch that all-important sale. In fact, some of them take a lot of pride in the houses they’re offering to potential buyers and some will even get their hands dirty to help you make the move.

Many of them have had to clean properties and hide items ahead of viewings: over a third (36%) have had to open windows to get rid of smells, 31% have pushed things under a bed and 29% have tidied up mess. Others have resorted to age-old tactics to increase desirability, including turning on lights to create the impression of greater brightness (22%) and brewing fresh coffee (15%) to waft through the house.

Here’s a list of things some agents have had to do to make properties more presentable:

1.Open windows to get rid of smells
2.Pushing things under a bed
3.Tidying up mess
4.Turning on lights
5.Tidying items away into cupboards
6.Spraying air freshener
7.Brewing fresh coffee
8.Flushing the toilet
9.Hiding inappropriate items
10.Encouraging the owner to get rid of large items

At Big Yellow we can help you (and your agent) get a head start to selling your house. We sell packaging and boxes that can store your items away and make your home look more presentable. We also offer flexible contracts and storage spaces from a locker size upwards, so you can remove any clutter or personal items ahead of viewings and reduce the load when you do clinch the sale and look to move.