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Feature: Taking the stress out of storing valuables with self storage

If you’ve just bought a new house, you might be worried about moving some of your most prized possessions. Not even insurance will restore those broken ornaments, chipped paintings and other valuables, so you may need to find a better alternative in securing them.

One of the options is to use self storage to put your mind at ease and take a lot of the stress out of moving. It’s not only a place to keep valuable items until you find a place for them in your new home, but can also act as a stopgap if you need to carry out building work.

More and more, people are doing their own DIY, particularly with the economic climate as shaky as it is now. It might even be the case that you’re renovating your existing place in preparation to sell. Either way, renting a self storage unit will allow you to place any number of belongings in a safe place, while you carry out the work you need to. Once you are happy with the state of your home, you can then move the safely stored goods to wherever they need to go.

Whether you require a small closet space to store a few things or you need a bigger area to keep the entire inventory of house, an office or business archives – self storage can help. To find out how you can benefit from self storage, visit our Quote and reserve online page to get started.