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Four of the world’s biggest storage spaces

We all know just how handy storage can be, but have you ever considered that in some cases, there might be too much of a good thing? What would you store in a space measuring 398,000 m² for instance? Sure, if you had all the money in the world to build the space in the first place then you’d probably be able to find a few things to fill it. Here at Big Yellow we’ve been looking at some of the biggest storage spaces in the world and they’re pretty impressive!

1) Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC – This complex of 19 museums forms the largest combined museum space in the world. As well as this, the Smithsonian Museum also boasts the largest holding with over 136 million items. Visited by over 25 million people a year, the staggering collection includes everything from valuable art pieces to spacecraft. With a collection of this size and items which need to be kept in particular conditions, these guys must know a thing or two about their storage!

2) Boeing Everett Factory, Everett USA – This plant was originally built for the construction of Boeing 747’s but now produces all models in the Boeing fleet making it the largest industrial building in the world with an impressive floor area of 398,000 m². The largest plane produced here had a wingspan just short of 65m but with the number of planes this factory turns around, the space doesn’t even seem big anymore. Regular factory tours are run for anyone wishing to feel very small.

3) Millennium Park Bus Depot, New Delhi India – With space for 1,000 low floor buses this is no ordinary bus depot. Built initially for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the depot boasts eight washing pits, seven dormitories and overnight stay for 500 people, four underground tanks to wash the buses, two filling stations and an 11 KV electric sub-station. Chances of finding something you left on a bus are pretty slim here!

4) Emma Maersk – “Emma” is the first of Maersk’s E-class cargo ships. She and her seven sister ships are the largest container ships ever built and not to mention, the longest in operation. With the room to fit a staggering eleven thousand 24 ton containers at one time, this ship is ready for any load! However size is not everything, containers need to be stacked and secured properly to be prepared for everything the seas throw at them. We wonder if they’ve considered the same security tools that we use here at Big Yellow…