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Getting Organised and Planning Effectively in the New Year

With a busy lifestyle, keeping your home clutter-free can often fall to the bottom in the list of priorities after work, chores and being with your family. But before you know it, rooms start getting filled with clutter and you’re struggling to know where to start. Starting the New Year with a new routine and planning effectively will soon help you remove clutter and restore order in your home.

Making a plan is the first task that needs to be prepared. You should decide how many hours you want to spend de-cluttering your home each day or how many hours per week you will aim to achieve. Each job can be broken down so that it doesn’t appear too big but shouldn’t be avoided. Setting goals can help you decide exactly what needs to be done around your home. You can decide whether you’re going to blitz the whole house or concentrate on specific rooms. Write down specific targets you want to accomplish and tick each one off when it’s completed.

When sorting through rooms, divide your items into five piles labelled ‘keep’, ‘throw away or recycle’, ‘store’, ‘donate’ and ‘sell’. When you’ve finished de-cluttering the room you can find homes for the items you want to keep and throw away your unwanted belongings. Anything you have decided to store, donate or sell can be kept until you can visit your self storage room, local charity shop or list the items on an online auction site such as eBay.

If you ever see clutter around your home, don’t leave it there until more items build up. Removing items and putting them away in the proper place will save you time. This will reduce the amount of time you have to make for de-cluttering and reduce each task.

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